The Snack Bag Project

The Snack Bag Project: For My Son.
Snack bags. Sharpies. Smiles

One day after watching cartoons with my sons (as I often do), I tucked them in for the night and started my usual nightly chore of getting lunches ready for the following day. As I grabbed a ziplock bag for my son’s snack, I had a thought. Why not draw something quick on the bag? Why not give him a little surprise tomorrow when he unpacks his lunch in front of his friends?

Thus “The Snack Bag Project” was born.

That very first bag was the start of something special. Special for my sons in that every day they look forward to the new characters on the bags, but also for myself. I get to see them light up every morning as if it is Christmas. The sound of pure joy and laughs as they run down the steps to see what today will bring is the best way to start my day.

What started as a gesture for my boys has taken on a bit of a life of it’s own. I was recently interviewed by The Staten Island Advance (which was completely mind blowing) and I have received countless messages about how other people and families look forward to seeing the bags everyday. This makes me smile! Enjoy the doodles.